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Crime analyst jobs and intelligence analyst jobs form a large part of the civilian workforce within police forces across the UK. Much of the work carried out is vitally important in the fight against crime as this behind-the-scenes work enables police to more effectively reduce and combat crime at all levels, from anti-social behaviour right up to large scale corporate fraud, as well as violent and organised crime.

The work will consist of compiling and analysing statistical data as well as interpreting more qualitative sources of information. From this you will write reports which may be used within your team, the entire police constabulary or even national government. You may be required to give presentations to various stakeholders in combating crime, but the exact duties will vary throughout the various police analyst jobs.

You will be trained on the relevant police computer systems and much of your time will be office based but there will sometimes be excursions to the local area so that you can get a feel for how your work is impacting on the real world. It is challenging work that requires good communication skills and attention to detail, but any experience gained in the police will be of benefit when applying for police intelligence & crime analyst jobs.

Police analyst jobs cover a broad spectrum of administrative and analytical posts working for the various police constabularies right across the UK. Police work generates a lot of quantitative and qualitative data which needs to be collated, analysed and reported on so that the police, government and the media have access to figures relating to police work. You may be responsible for generating the figures on crime that are seen right across the country and so it is imperative you are extremely accurate in your work and able to produce consistently high quality work.

There is no one set background to successfully apply for a police analyst job but your communication and numeracy skills will be excellent and indeed some police forces will test these as part of your application. You will also be expected to have good IT skills although training is usually provided for the specific police systems, and there may be opportunities for progression through to management level.

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