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Financial investigator jobs involve working on what are often highly complex crimes which involve a strong financial element. With more transactions taking place on the Internet, the way organised crime involving fraud operates is constantly evolving. Therefore the need for fraud investigators is becoming increasingly important.

Fraud investigator jobs can be quite specialist in their nature and so experience gained in accountancy or a similar financial environment will be very useful, as would knowledge of the applicable criminal law. You would typically be working as part of a multi-disciplinary team involving both civilian and police staff.

Excellent IT skills will be required along with the ability to make accurate, analytical based decisions whilst under significant pressures. This is a demanding area to work in but ultimately extremely satisfying as you will be a part of a team that cracks financial crime and puts a stop to what can frequently amount to crime worth millions of pounds.

If you visit this page regularly check below for our latest positions as a Financial investigator. If we don’t have any of these roles at the moment why not still contact us for a consultation to register your interest in future positions?

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